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Science Behind Technology

The R&D engineers of Desmet Ballestra Stolz has designed several range of mixers used in domains as varied as frozen food, baby milk, corn flakes, cheese, animal feed, fertilizers, chemicals,…

That mixers allows fast and accurate mixing time, liquid injection, coating, nitrogen injection,…

Besides large industrial mixers, Desmet Ballestra Stolz has also designed a range of small mixers : the Mixing Rotosphere. With its small footprint that mixer is perfect for blenders and small production units.

Brochures :

  • Twin shafts paddle mixers (gb_twin_shafts_paddle_mixer.pdf) (vidéo : /OSFxXi9vVtc)
  • Ribbon mixers (gb_ribbon_mixer.pdf)
  • Cryogenic mixers (gb_cryogenic_mixer.pdf) (video : /ZpFhNIZRbzI)
  • Mixing rotosphere (gb_mixing_rotosphere.pdf) (video : /W3m7zEWXHm0)