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How Upgrading Maintenance Programs Avoids Failures

Webcast by Heinz Bloch

Co-sponsored by Royal Purple, this webcast on INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS and failure avoidance is led by Heinz Bloch. Mr. Bloch has written 18 books and over 480 technical papers on practical machine management, reliability engineering, oil mist lubrication and similar topics.

In the webinar, Bloch identifies the seven causes of industrial machinery failure and discusses the importance of:

  • Lubricant additive technology
  • Selecting the right SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT
  • Proper lubricant application
  • Oil cleanliness

In relation to the above themes, the webcast examines the following machines:

  • Turbo machines (such as steam turbines and compressors)
  • Gear speed increasers and reducers
  • Process pumps
  • Reciprocating compressors